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Corporate entertainment as you have never seen it before!
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What is Rhapsody Opera?

Rhapsody Opera is committed to delivering the most dynamic and entertaining performance whatever and wherever your event. We use a variety of singers and accompanists to do this.

Our people are professional, young (and not so young), tall (and not so tall), thin (and quite frankly not thin at all). They are, essentially, the very best we can find for the job in hand.

Every individual working with us has the personality and musicianship to light up the stage, the school hall, the conference room or wherever we find ourselves.

Every performance, no matter where or when, no matter how large or small the venue, no matter how “cultured” the audience, is structured to entertain.

If you would like to know more about us and our people, contact us now and let us entertain you.

Register your event here and win a tenor for your function absolutely free. From Nessun Dorma to Granada - wake your do up with songs and arias familiar to all.

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